Welcome to BioTerms.org

BioTerms.org is a community initiative to define and promote schemas for structured epigenome annotation data. BioTerms defines entities and relationships that are specific to epigenome analysis. These schema components are the fundamental definitions required for the interoperable analysis envisioned by the Epigenome Switchboard project.

To do this, BioTerms links several specialized vocabularies to create a single source for terms related to analysis of epigenome data. BioTerms connects these resources via a formal schema in JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data), thereby providing permanent, static URLs that can be used to make epigenome data interoperable. These schemas enable researchers to share epigenome datasets through a common vocabulary and structure. Some of the key resources that are integrated by BioTerms are:

By building on these controlled vocabularies, BioTerms not only makes epigenome analysis more interoperable for the epigenome switchboard, but also allows data that follows this schema to be used for other analyses that make use of subsets of these shared vocabularies.

To explore BioTerms, you can view the Documentation or browse the BioTerms Schemas themselves.


Contributions are welcome. The BioTerms schemas and website are hosted in the databio/bioterms repository on GitHub. Edits to schema files may be proposed via pull request, and questions or discussion may be raised via the issue tracker.